Monday, May 16, 2016

Results of Thiruvananthapuram Constituency in Kerala General Election 2016

Here is the details of Kerala General Election 2016 including candidate details, opinion poll and Exit poll results and Results of Kerala Assembly Election 2016. As you know, Kerala Assembly Election 2016 was held on 16th May 2016 at all 140 assembly constituencies. Results of Thiruvananthapuram Assembly Constituency in Kerala Poll 2016 will be available here soon after declaration on 19th May.

Results of Thiruvananthapuram Assembly constituency in Kerala Assembly Election 2016

  1. V.S. Sivakumar (INC)

  2. Adv. Antony Raju (LDF IND)

  3. S. Sreesanth (BJP)

  4. Mohanambika. D (BSP)

  5. Dr. Biju Ramesh (AIADMK)

  6. P S Gopakumar (SUCI(C))

  7. Antony Raju New Colony (IND)

  8. Praveen Arimbrathodiyil (IND.)

  9. Sivakumar Pushkaran (IND)

  10. Sivakumar Raveendran Nair (IND)

  11. M S Subi (IND.)

  12. Nandavanam Suseelan (IND)